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July 31, 2007

‘Comfort women’ vote passes : Yomiuri newspaper, Tokyo, Japan

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‘Comfort women’ vote passes

Yomiuri newspaper, Tokyo, Japan.

Aya Igarashi Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution Monday calling for a formal apology from Japan over the “comfort women system of forced military prostitution” by the Imperial Japanese Army before and during World War II, dealing a fresh blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The resolution over the issue is the first to be passed during a regular House session. Though the resolution is not legally binding, its passage is a setback for the Abe administration, after his ruling coalition suffered a crushing defeat in Sunday’s House of Councillors election.

Describing the “comfort women system of forced military prostitution by the Government of Japan” from the 1930s to the end of World War II as “one of the largest cases of human trafficking in the 20th century,” the resolution demands a formal, unambiguous apology from Japan and a thorough review of the nation’s history education.

The resolution was submitted in January by Japanese-American lawmaker Mike Honda, D-Calif., who led lawmakers denouncing Japan over the issue. On June 26, it was overwhelmingly approved by a 39-2 vote of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. Congress.

On Monday, the resolution was cosponsored by 167 lawmakers, out of a total of 435 in the House.

During his first visit to the United States as prime minister in April, Abe offered an apology to former comfort women at a meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other congressional leaders. Ryozo Kato, ambassador to the United States, also had asked the U.S. Congress not to pass the measure, saying, “Approving the resolution, which isn’t based on objective facts, won’t bring anything good to the Japan-U.S. relationship.”

In Monday’s vote, a rule to simplify the deliberative process was applied, under which the 435-seat House was allowed to proceed with debate even if less than half the members were present. Therefore, only a few members of Congress took part in a voice vote. As no objections were raised, the House speaker declared the resolution adopted.

The congressional leadership set the voting date for Monday, the day after Japan’s upper house election, to prevent any possible impact on the election.

The House committee is expected to approve Tuesday another resolution concerning Japan. Rep. Jim Saxton, R-N.J., has submitted a measure recognizing Japan’s status as one of the most reliable security partners of the United States and its support of the U.S.-led military effort in Iraq and the Indian Ocean.

(Aug. 1, 2007)

The confirmation of the fact relevance of this resolution is hardly performed.
Such an important resolution was voted on by “only a few members of Congress”.
I have understood what kind of thing the American House of Representatives is well.


U.S. Congress urges ‘comfort women’ apology.

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U.S. Congress urges ‘comfort women’ apology.

Americans believe the stories of Koreans not well-grounded more than Japanese stories with evidence. It has understood well.

July 30, 2007

Korean language textbook in Japan-Korea annexation age.

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Korean language textbook in Japan-Korea annexation age.

These photographs are Korean language textbooks used at the school in Korean area in the Japan-Korea annexation age.
Some Korean say, “We were deprived of the Korean language in the Japanese empire colony age”.
It is a complete lie. Korean language was taught at the school in Korea .

When such materials are shown to the Korean, some they immediately say, “This is fabrication!”. It is foolish.
There is a proverb “Thief thinks all surrounding people to be thieves” in Japan.


July 25, 2007

MLB official “Happi” is sold in Japan.

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MLB official “Happi” is sold in Japan. 
I think that the combination of MLB and the tradition of Japan is interesting. However, I do not want to buy it. I do not hear the story that this sells well.

“Happi” is a kind of the kimono of Japan often puts on in the place where the festival and the sports watching, etc. which are lively and happy.
However, it is a coincidence that “Happi” and “Happy” look like, and it is unrelated.


July 23, 2007

Nokia is a Finnish company. Not a Japanese company.

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Nokia is a Finnish company. Not a Japanese company.
People not few seem to have misunderstood this.
This misunderstanding is a glory for the Japanese.
However, it is not the fact to our regret.


July 22, 2007

Even university professor can’t tell the truth in Korea

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Even university professor can’t tell the truth in Korea.

The Truth Of Japan’s Annexation Of The Korean Peninsula

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The Truth Of Japan’s Annexation Of The Korean Peninsula

July 18, 2007

South Korean actor paints out the Japanese national flag.

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South Korean actor paints out the Japanese national flag.

The event of the birthday of South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun was held in Nihon Budoukan (Tokyo, Japan) on July 12. Fans including a lot of Korean residents in Japan gathered.

This is the photograph that Mainichi Shimbun (newspaper, Tokyo, Japan) delivered.


The next is the photograph that South Korea media of Chosun Ilbo and JoongAng Ilbo, etc. published.


I want you to compare these two photographs.
You understand the national flag of Japan is painted out in white in the photograph below.
The company of Lee Byung Hun provided this photograph for South Korea media.

If these are other countries, this is events that take on immense importance.
However, this event doesn’t get into the news too much in Japan.
Reason 1: The Japanese is comparatively generous to others’ immoralities for a long time. ( The old Japanese before WW2 was educated , saying that “You must do correct doing before criticizing others”. The idea “It is ribaldry that criticizes others” remains still somewhat. To our regret, I am an exception. )
Reason 2: Most Japanese are not interested in the Korean.
Reason 3: Interested Japanese in the Korean thinks, only “It is action the same as usual of the Korean”. They know people who do such an action understand neither the reason nor common sense well.

July 14, 2007

The lie on history of Taekwondo.

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The lie on history of Taekwondo.

A Korean Choi Hong Hi who learnt the Japanese Karate (FUNAKOSHI, Gichin’s Shoutoukan-school)  in Tokyo founded the Taekwondo in 1955.

The name of “Taekwondo” was given from general public’s play of Korea named “Taekyon”. Taekyon is play that looks like the dance, and not martial arts.
The name was unavoidably taken from such a thing because there was no tradition of martial arts in Korea. (There are some groups in modern Taekyon. There are something to which it is maintained in that as martial arts. These are the one stimulated “International success” of Taekwondo in the 80’s. It was not the current form for a long time.)

Some Koreans say as follows.
“Taekwondo was founded based on martial arts of the Korea tradition named Taekyon. This was the history in 2000, and is an origin of the Japanese Karate.”
There are no historical grounds in this story at all.  This is a complete lie.

July 13, 2007

A letter to the House Speaker Pelosi

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A letter to the House Speaker Pelosi

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