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November 30, 2007

Japan didn’t take a language away from Korea.

Japan didn’t take a language away from Korea.
The history of the Hangul Alphabet



October 22, 2007

Japan didn’t take a severe ruling

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Japan didn’t take a severe ruling

July 30, 2007

Korean language textbook in Japan-Korea annexation age.

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Korean language textbook in Japan-Korea annexation age.

These photographs are Korean language textbooks used at the school in Korean area in the Japan-Korea annexation age.
Some Korean say, “We were deprived of the Korean language in the Japanese empire colony age”.
It is a complete lie. Korean language was taught at the school in Korea .

When such materials are shown to the Korean, some they immediately say, “This is fabrication!”. It is foolish.
There is a proverb “Thief thinks all surrounding people to be thieves” in Japan.


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