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July 18, 2007

South Korean actor paints out the Japanese national flag.

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South Korean actor paints out the Japanese national flag.

The event of the birthday of South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun was held in Nihon Budoukan (Tokyo, Japan) on July 12. Fans including a lot of Korean residents in Japan gathered.

This is the photograph that Mainichi Shimbun (newspaper, Tokyo, Japan) delivered.


The next is the photograph that South Korea media of Chosun Ilbo and JoongAng Ilbo, etc. published.


I want you to compare these two photographs.
You understand the national flag of Japan is painted out in white in the photograph below.
The company of Lee Byung Hun provided this photograph for South Korea media.

If these are other countries, this is events that take on immense importance.
However, this event doesn’t get into the news too much in Japan.
Reason 1: The Japanese is comparatively generous to others’ immoralities for a long time. ( The old Japanese before WW2 was educated , saying that “You must do correct doing before criticizing others”. The idea “It is ribaldry that criticizes others” remains still somewhat. To our regret, I am an exception. )
Reason 2: Most Japanese are not interested in the Korean.
Reason 3: Interested Japanese in the Korean thinks, only “It is action the same as usual of the Korean”. They know people who do such an action understand neither the reason nor common sense well.

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