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July 14, 2007

The lie on history of Taekwondo.

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The lie on history of Taekwondo.

A Korean Choi Hong Hi who learnt the Japanese Karate (FUNAKOSHI, Gichin’s Shoutoukan-school)  in Tokyo founded the Taekwondo in 1955.

The name of “Taekwondo” was given from general public’s play of Korea named “Taekyon”. Taekyon is play that looks like the dance, and not martial arts.
The name was unavoidably taken from such a thing because there was no tradition of martial arts in Korea. (There are some groups in modern Taekyon. There are something to which it is maintained in that as martial arts. These are the one stimulated “International success” of Taekwondo in the 80’s. It was not the current form for a long time.)

Some Koreans say as follows.
“Taekwondo was founded based on martial arts of the Korea tradition named Taekyon. This was the history in 2000, and is an origin of the Japanese Karate.”
There are no historical grounds in this story at all.  This is a complete lie.

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