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November 5, 2009

“Whales memorial plate” of Japan.

This is a “Whales memorial plate” of Oumi-jima island, Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan.
Of course, it is the one to hold a service of caught whales’ spirit of the deads.
This was made in 1692, and enshrined in a Buddhist temple.
Height is 77.5 centimeters (30.5 inches), and width is 22.4 centimeters (8.8 inches).


There are some such a thing all over Japan. However, the Japanese did not specially treat only the whale.
The graves and the memorial cenotaphs, etc. of various living things such as dog, cat, pig, cow, horse, rat, fish, bird, insect, frog, and plants exist in Japan.
The Japanese has treated all living things equally.
The Japanese doesn’t understand the idea to assume only the whale to be a special, sacred living thing.

The party who insists so doesn’t hold a service of the whales. Did they build “Whale churchs” in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand?
Their behavior doesn’t have reasonable grounds, and it is contradicted.

It is “White supremacy” that support their confused conviction.
They innocently believe that their Caucasian’s culture is only legitimate, and other cultures are mistakes.
The core of “Whale fishing problem” is it.


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