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December 8, 2007

Canada joined the group ” C’s ” (China and Corea). Congratulations.

Canada’s parliament passed a motion this week calling on Japan to apologize to the brothel prostitutes that served for the benefit of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.
Congratulations, you Canadians.
You joined the group ” C’s ” (China and Corea) of the glory. Please get along well with them.


December 7, 2007

A parliamentary hearing’s big flaw

A parliamentary hearing’s big flaw

November 27, 2007

La Corée du sud a acheté la résolution de ” L’esclavage sexuel”

La Coree du sud a achete la resolution de ” L’esclavage sexuel”

November 23, 2007

Summary of the comfort women issue.

Summary of the comfort women issue.

November 21, 2007

Asahi Shimbun’s misleading article

Asahi Shimbun’s misleading article

Asahi Shimbun is Leftist newspaper cooperate with “People’s Daily” the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China.

Norimitsu Onishi, a liar

Norimitsu Onishi, a liar

Norimitsu Onishi is the Tokyo bureau chief of NY Times.

September 15, 2007

Korean news paper denied the YOSHIDA, Seiji’s testimony on the comfort women issue.

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Korean news paper denied the YOSHIDA, Seiji’s testimony on the comfort women issue.

Mr.YOSHIDA, Seiji’s testimony on the ‘Comfort women’ issue was a lie. The fact was clarified by the investigation of a newspaper of South Korea.

‘Jeju newspaper'(Jeju island, Korea) on August 14, 1989 reported concerning the Mr.YOSHIDA, Seiji’s testimony as follows. The reporter is Ms. Heo, Yeong-Sun.
(Korean Language→Japanese→Poor English. It is not a strict translation. Please note it.)

The record with “205 women on the Jeju island were requisitioned as  comfort women at the Japanese empire age ” is published on the 44th anniversary of liberating and a big testimony is given. 
However, there is no testimony that proves it, and the doubt has extended.
(Outline of the book written by Mr.YOSHIDA in ’83 )
The story “15-16 people were compelling requisitioned at the shellfish button factory” and “The comfort women hunting was done in a village here and there” is described in this book.  However, There are few people who do the testimony that proves these stories. Natives of the island refuse, and declare the doubt on the credibility of this writing strongly, saying that “It is a lie”.
Ms. Chong oc-tane (85-year-old woman) was said, “If as many as 15 people were requisitioned in this village with only 250 houses or more, it is a big incident. However, there was no such fact at that time.”
Local historian Mr. Kim Pons-oku is getting indignant.,
“It was turned out that there are parts not ture as a result of the pursuit investigation after a Japanese version (YOSHIDA’s book) had come out in 1983 for several years. This book seems the product of frivolous commercial spirit that shows a Japanese corruption.”


In the Far Eastern international, military trial, the “comfort women issue” doesn’t exist at all. It doesn’t exist at all when Japan-Korea Basic Relations Treaty is concluded in year of the ’65, too.
In ’77 and ’83, the two books of Mr.YOSHIDA,Seiji confessed “I compelling took the comfort women” were published. And in ’91, Asahi Shimbun (Tokyo, Japan, Leftist newspaper to cooperate with “People’s Daily” the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China) reported “comfort women issue” based on the Mr.YOSHIDA’s testimony many times without verifying whether the fact. And it became a major issue.
However, already in year of the ’89, the conclusion concerning the books of Mr.YOSHIDA like the above-mentioned article had been reached. The professor of Nihon University:HATA,Ikuhiko also did the field survey of Jeju island in ’92, and the same conclusion as the newspaper was put out.
When Prof. HATA met Mr.YOSHIDA and asked it, Mr.YOSHIDA admitted it was a fiction that he had written.

Such a basic fact seems not to be known except Japan.
Many of Koreans do not know this fact, too. People who know this disregard it.

Prof. Hata was asked by the repoter Ms. Heo, Yeong-Sun, “Why did he write such a lie?”, and was at a loss because of the answer.
Mr. YOSHIDA runs from the ‘Japan Communist Party’ for the Shimonoseki-city municipal election in April, 1947, and defeated by only 129 vote margins. The answer of their doubts is surmisable from this fact.

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