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March 1, 2008

The hottest American in Japan now. It is not Mr. Obama.

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The hottest American in Japan now. It is not Mr. Obama. Of course, it is not Ms. Clinton either.
It is Mr. JERO the first American ENKA (Japanese blues) singer.
He sings typical ENKA in beautiful Japanese in hip-hop singer’s shape.
His first tune “Umi Yuki (The ocean snow)” debuted to 4th place of the charts of Japan.
He is  genuine American who was born in Pittsburgh. However, his grandmother is a  Japanese.  When he was a child, he sang ENKA to make her pleased.
He graduated from the Pittsburgh university and became a computer engineer. However, he came to Japan to accomplish the promise with the grandmother “Become a ENKA singer” five years ago.

His newie is surely shocking for Japanese. However, it alone is not a reason a lot of Japanese support him.
His song is indeed attractive for the Japanese.
And, his character is also wonderful. He is serious and is faithful and is modest and loves his family.
He is good young man of the type that the Japanese like.


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