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September 15, 2007

Unfair advertisement of Korea enterprise HYUNDAI.

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Unfair advertisement of Korea enterprise HYUNDAI.

I want you to see the photograph below. This is a new advertisement of HYUNDAI. 
HYUNDAI is a Corea(Korea) enterprise.  Not a Japanese enterprise. Why do they use the SUMO of Japan for the advertisement?


HYUNDAI is going to cover that oneself are Corea(Korea)  company.
And, they are doing the advertising strategy that pretend a Japanese enterprise. A lot of people are misunderstanding that HYUNDAI is a Japanese enterprise. It is caused by acts of HYUNDAI.
The acts of HYUNDAI may not be fraud, but It is an extremely unfair acts.
There is the following idiom in Japanese. “Hito-no fundoshi-de sumo-wo toru”.  “Borrow others’ loincloth and do the sumo match” when translating literally. This is the following meanings.  ”Benefit oneself at someone else’s expense”. The advertisement is this Japanese idiom exactly.
The Corean (and Chinese) unabashedly do such a thing.
I want you to understand they and Japanese are quite different.


LG is a Corea(Korea) enterprise. Not a Japanese enterprise.


SAMSUNG is a Corea(Korea) enterprise. Not a Japanese enterprise.


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