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August 10, 2007

“Claim damages of the atomic bombing to the United States.” 72%.

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“Claim damages of the atomic bombing to the United States.”  72%.

There is the discussion TV program which a comedian named OHTA, Hikaru presides at in Japan.
OHTA plays the part of the Japanese Prime Minister and proposes policies. Genuine politicians and celebrities discuss the proposal. And, audiences vote by the yes and no on telephone and Internet. 
The policy of “Prime Minister OHTA” tonight is so. “Damages of the atomic bombing are claimed to the United States. ”
I did not see the discussion time, and saw only the last viewer’s vote. Viewer’s vote results are following.
Agreement 72 percent and opposite 28 percent.
It is the result that is not possible in Japan before ten years. A completely reverse result would be given.
I think that the number of Japanese who value the alliance of Japan and the United States has increased for ten years. A nuclear issue with North Korea and an explosive expansion of a Chinese army are the reasons.
However at the same time, another phenomenon has occurred to the Japanese. It is a disappearance of “Brainwash by the United States”.
After World War II, the United States did thorough “Brainwash” to the Japanese under the occupation.
“In Japan, Evil Empire and the United States are countries of the justice.” “Japan’s war is completely evil, and war of the United States is justice.” “It is all correct that the United States did.”
For people knowing process of Japan-U.S. war definitely, these are mere ridiculous funny stories.
At last, these are disappearing after 50 years or more postwar days.
The start is Manga “On War” of KOBAYASHI, Yoshinori published in 1998. The American finished it up though various events happened afterwards. The comfort women issue resolution adopted by “Unanimity” by “Ten people present” in the U.S. House of Representatives the other day is it.
It is Chinese anti-Japan groups that supports assembly member Mike Honda who submitted this resolution as known well.
The leader layer in the United States will throw away Japan and ally with China. They intend to let China do what China would like in Asia. The comfort women issue resolution is outcome of the intention.
This situation is regrettable for the Japanese including me who thinks that the cooperation of Japan-U.S. is necessary for the peace and prosperity of the world.
However, there is no other way.
If you are an American, I say that congratulations.
Your new sworn friend in Asia is the country which sells poisoned pet food and a poisonous coating toy to another person calmly. China (and Chosun, that is Korea) is quite different from Japan in all respects. You had better prepare.

By the way, what should Japan do after the connection with the United States cuts?
China is a barbarous country of the former modern ages. Japan does not mean to become a dependency of such a country.
There is only one Japanese choice. It is the establishment of the independent defense system that doesn’t depend on the United States.
There are people saying such a thing in Japan.
“Japan that is the only atomic-bombed nation has a right only right to be nuclear-armed. ”
At present, I do not agree with this opinion. However, if the people of the United States chooses China, I can do nothing but agree with the opinion.

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