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May 14, 2007

Grounds of “200,000 comfort women”.

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Grounds of “200,000 comfort women”.

Sentences “Historians say that the number of comfort women was 200,000 people” often appear in reports of the comfort women issue.
However, the name of the “Historians” doesn’t appear. It is natural. Historians in the comfort women issue of doing such an insistence don’t exist.
The historian in the comfort woman issue of doing the insistence that “looks like it” exists. It is Professor YOSHIMI,Yoshiaki at Chuo University “famous” for the comfort women issue.
He testified almost so by the oral argument in “Asia Pacific War South Korean victim amends claim lawsuit” opened in 713 Tokyo District Court courts on December 15, 1997.

“The (Japanse) army said, comfort woman of one person per 100 soldier.
Overseas strength was 3.5 million or less. Comfort women are 30,000 people when assuming that the soldier is three million.  When it adds the alternation to it, they are 60,000 people . The middle of 30,000 and 60,000:45,000.
However, this is a figure that the army top management allotted.  It increases more when there are numbers that a local army originally collected. It is assumed roughly 80,000-200,000 people.  It is not so wrong number.”

He says “one comfort woman to 100 soldiers”.  However, He shows the no grounds.
He says,”when there are numbers that a local army originally collected”. In his theory, local army originally gathered 35,000-155,000 comfort women. However, grounds that prove such a fact do not exist. This is only his mere imagination.
He calculated the figure of 45,000 from a story not well-grounded. And, he added the figure to it by the imagination and put out the figure of “80,000-200,000”.
The people who say “The number of comfort women is 200,000” like congressman Mike Honda only adopts the maximum value of this “YOSHIMI theory” not well-grounded either.
Historians in the comfort women issue say “Women made comfort women are 200,000 people” do not exist.
Journalists who had written the sentences “Historians say that the number of comfort women was 200,000 people” might not know the fact and wrote the articles based on only hearsay. They cannot write the names of the “Historians” because they wrote based on hearsay.

However, “The New York Times” Tokyo correspondent Mr. Norimitsu Onishi was an exception. He covered directly from the Professor YOSHIMI in Japan and wrote the articles. He intentionally wrote such articles.
Why does he do such a thing?
One authentic story. As for his reporting attitude, it is always critically to Japan friendly to South Corea and North Corea from former.
One uncertain story. As follows, people who investigated his feature say.
“He is a Canadian nationality now, and is introducing himself the Japanese Canadian. However, he is a (North) Corean who was born in a Corean village in Chiba Prefecture Ichikawa City in Japan.”

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