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May 4, 2007

The people not interested in the fact.

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The people not interested in the fact.

 I want you to see the map below.
The sea area between the Japanese Islands and Korean peninsula is called “Sea of Japan”.


South Korea and North Korea suddenly started the insistence that the sea area  should  be callded “East Sea” in 1992.
They insist as follow.
“This sea area has been called for 2000 years “East Sea”. An international position of Japan went up in the 20th century, therefore the name of Sea of Japan appeared. And, the name was established in the age when Japan colonialized Korea. Because “East Sea” is an original, correct name, it is necessary to return it to it. ”
This is a lie.
The survey conducted by the Japanese Government on the maps possessed by the United States Library of Congress, following the previous surveys in the British Library, the University of Cambridge, and the Bibliotheque de France, again made it clear that the name of “Sea of Japan” became established by Europeans and Americans between the end of 18th century and the early 19th century.
It is an event in the age that Japan had still closed. (It had been called by various names such as “Sea of Japan”, “Joseon sea”, “East Sea”, and “Oriental sea” before it fixed the name of Sea of Japan. )

You might say like this. “Tell the Korean the fact. And, this problem is solved. ”
It is correct.  
However, it is not actually if it is so.
The Koreans know the fact. They disregard it, and are reiterating the insistence in contradiction to it.
The “fact” seems to be unrelated for them.
Therefore, it cannot solve this problem for ten years or more.
In all problems to which they are related, this is the troubles of the solution.

Interested person in the Sea of Japan name problem must see this link.

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