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May 2, 2007

Insistence of Professor Yoshimi on the comfort women issue.

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Insistence of Professor Yoshimi on the comfort women issue.

Remarks and sentences of Professor YOSHIMI, Yoshiaki of Chuo University (Tokyo, Japan) are often quoted by the report concerning the comfort women issue.
However, the core of his insistence seems not to be understood well.
He says so in his book published in 1995.

“There cannot be women who chooses the road that become comfort woman if the way of a free career choice like the worker, the profession, and the independent enterprise, etc. is opened in front of the females ・・・Even when they seem to choose that course of action by the free will, it is actually a result of some compulsion like colonialization, poverty, and unemployment, etc.”

He says that the Japanese Government is responsible for the “compulsion”.
This theory of him is called “Compulsion of the wide sense”.
If it follows his theory, it is “a result of some compulsion like poverty and unemployment, etc.” that the prostitute exists in the United States now; it is Uncle Sam’s responsibility.
(Professor YOSHIMI has not said such a story.  He is conscious of deviating of his theory from common sense.  And, his ‘target’ is only Japanese Government. )
It might be only communists and anarchists that agree to such a theory.
Why does the Professor YOSHIMI insist the theory that such a people doesn’t accept easily?

In 1991, Asahi Shimbun (Leftist paper that cooperates with “People’s Daily” of Chinese Communist Party) took up the testimony of Mr. YOSHIDA, Seiji “I took young women by force in Korea, and made them comfort women ” without verifying whether it was a fact, and it became a big problem.
“Comfort women compulsion taking by the Japanese army” was a splendid material to attack Japanese Government for the scholars and the activists of the left.
Afterwards, several former comfort women who insisted, “I was taken by force by the Japanese army “ was “discovered” by them.
However, it turned out that the YOSHIDA testimony was false by 1992 and the former comfort women repeated testimonies contradicted before and after. As a result, it was clarified that the Japanese army did not taken women by force as anyone can see.
At that time, it is the above-mentioned “Compulsion of the wide sense” theory that the Professor YOSHIMI worked it out to save scholars and activists of the left who want to continue government criticism, and former comfort women who present oneself.

When Professor YOSHIMI talks about the comfort women issue, He speaks the “Participation” of the Japanese Government and the Japanese army in the comfort women system. And, he speaks “Comfort women were compelled”. Of course, this means “Compulsion of the wide sense”. Moreover, he says so.   “That is responsible in the Japanese Government and the Japanese army.” People who do not know the comfort women issue well misunderstand, “The Japanese Government and the Japanese army made young women by force comfort women”.

The KONO statement is a result of the political trade-off with the South Korea government. It is an apology for “Compulsion of the wide sense” and some serviceman’s outrages in a morality meaning.

The story “The Japanese goverment and the Japanese army made young women by force comfort women” is called “Compulsion of the narrow sense” besides “Compulsion of the wide sense”.
At the Diet answer and the press conference, Prime Minister ABE denied this “Compulsion of the narrow sense”. (Japanese Government doesn’t admit “Compulsion of the narrow sense” at time when the KONO statement was announced.)
Media of the United States that did not know the comfort women issue at all misunderstood the Prime Minister ABE’s remark, “He denied the comfort women existed” or “He denied the content of the KONO statement” and they did wrong reports.


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