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May 1, 2007

“TANEGASHIMAN” the lead and the excellent example of “Loukalu Hiirou (Local hero)” of Japan.

What meaning is in English “local hero”?
Does it mean persons who contributed to each region and famous persons etc. of the regional coming from?
The word said, “Loukalu hiirou (Local hero)” in Japanese has a peculiar meaning. It means “Superhero of the regional limitation”.
You might not understand the meaning.
I want you to imagine the appearance in which the SUPER MAN doesn’t go out of the native town in Illinois state, and he demonstrates ESP by the name “ILLINOIS MAN” only in the settlement of the traffic accident, help of the labour for farming, and help of cow’s birth.
The resident and the municipality, etc. create it for the advertisement and the activation of the region.  It often appears in the event etc. of local with the name and clothes that reflect the culture and customs in the region.
The oldest one appeared in the 70’s.  After in the 2000’s, it became a nationwide boom. The form and the activity situation are various.  The number reaches many hundreds of in the Japanese whole country.
The firebrand of this “Loukalu Hiirou” boom is the “Litou-Sentai TANEGASHIMAN” ( Island Soldier TANEGASHIMAN) that started up activity for ’99 years.


There is an island named ‘Tanegashima’ in Kagoshima Prefecture in the Japanese mainland south end.
It is “TANEGASHIMAN” that fans of Japanese superheroes that lives in the island created it as superhero on our islands.
“Litou-Sentai TANEGASHIMAN” is presented as a stage drama in various events held in Tanegashima island. It is a basic story that TANEGASHIMAN of three persons that symbolizes three regions in Tanegashima island (with the heroine “Fuyou” who helps them) fights against the evil “Jaasurou empire” that brews the “Tanegashima island conquest”. (It is sure to change with TANEGASIM’E’N if it applies to an English grammar . However, because this accidence change is a rule that doesn’t exist in Japanese languge, it is often disregarded in Japanese. ) 
What should be paid attention is to present the spectators various problems of Tanegashima through the story that the crime avenger attacks the twicer. The Jaasurou empire takes advantage the problem of the decline of the traditional island words or population outflow etc. It is drawn by the appearances of TANEGASHIMAN who fights with them while mixing laughter. It stimulates spectator’s love of one’s home province and it appeals for those understanding and solution to the problem.
TANEGASHIMAN receives the wide support from the children to the adults, and is seriously popular among natives of the island.
The “Loukalu hiirou” boom rolled in the Japanese whole country starting with the success of TANEGASHIMAN and it happened. It still has a big influence as excellent example of “Loukalu Hiirou” .
The group “Tanegashima Action Club” has managed TANEGASHIMAN. The member of the group does all work like the clothes making, production, and the sound effects, etc.
They are carrying out posture “Our hobbies” to the last.   They don’t do pay presentations at all, not receive help such as municipalities, and cost be their individual payments.
The contribution to Tanegashima island and Japanese whole land of TANEGASHIMAN and Tanegashima Action Club is very large.
If  “local hero” means that I said first, They are true “Local hero” of Tanegashima island.
“Lsland Soldier TANEGASHIMAN” official homepage.
 (Sorry, Japanse Languge only. Moreover, part:Under construction. However, photographs some are seen. And, you can listen to the “theme song” by clicking blue two characters in the upper right of lower “MP3” of the page of “MUSIC”. This is Japanese,too.)



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