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April 30, 2007

“TANAKA,Yuki, Who? ” On the comfort women issue.

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“TANAKA,Yuki, Who? ” On the comfort women issue.

Report on “Japanese Military Comfort Women System” by the U.S. Congressional Research Service was delivered to the congressmen on April 3.
The reporter Mr. Larry Niksch cites the book “Japan’s Comfort Women” by the person named TANAKA,Yuki as important material.
The doubt “TANAKA,Yuki, Who?” went up in Japan.
‘She’ is complete unknown new face. (‘Yuki’ is usually women’s name in Japan.)
However, ‘her’ true colors turned out at once.
‘He’ is Mr. TANAKA,Toshiyuki, a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute attached to Hiroshima City University. Of course, he is male.
I hear that this institute is “famous” in the field of the antinuclear movement of Japan.
They do antinuclear movement. However, they protect the nucleus of North Korea saying “Red nucleus: Nucleus of peace”. The institute to which several Korean are on the register acts on an anti-Japan with a very intimate relation in North Korea. (Such a group exists in the public college. This fact shows how Japan is in the abnormal situation. )
The member of such an inclining group, using pen name to misunderstand sex, avoid Japan the “home” of the comfort woman problem and in the United States, publishes the book “Japan’s Comfort Women”.
You are easily imaginable of the level of the credibility of the content of this book and the true purpose of publication.
I cannot say a determinate thing until the analysis of this book by the researcher in Japan is announced.
However, I think that the possibility is high of becoming a large blunder of the second times following last year’s failure that quotes the ‘Yoshida testimony’ to which it turns out that it is a lie by 1992.
The reporter of Congressional Research Service Mr. Larry Niksch seems to be able to read only the material written in English though he is ‘Specialist in Asian Affairs “.
The foundation of the problem might be there.

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