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April 26, 2007

Transition in testimonies of former IANFU comfort woman Ms.Hwan,Kum-Ju.

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Transition in testimonies of former IANFU comfort woman Ms.Hwan, Kum-Ju.

Ms.Hwan,Kum-Ju is one of several of the former comfort women who presents oneself as “Comfort women victims”.

Her story changes every time she testifies.

#1.”Testimonies, Comfort women and Girls work volunteering corps” ITO,Takashi edited and written, Fubai-sya publised,1992.
She was born in 1927. She was made a comfort woman in the year Singapore surrended (1942).

#2.”Comfort women and War reparations” TAKAGI,Kenichi , Sanichi-shobo publied, 1992.
Life was poor, she was sold for 100yen at the age of 12. Parlormaid in a rich house in Seoul.
In 1938, when she was a maid in Hambung of Hamgyong-Namdo, She was taken to Manchuria as a vicarious victim of the daughter in the house.
The year when she  became comfort woman changed.

#3. Problems of four times reports of Asahi-shimbun (news paper) Evening edition on July 24-27, 1995.
She was born in 1922.
She was mobilized to a military factory by the “National requisition order” at the age of 17 (1938-39), and was made comfort woman.
She was made a comfort woman in Jilin of China.
She testified, “There were a lot of guests in the day of Christmas”.
First of all, it is quite different from the testimony before.
The born year changed. She had said before that she was born in 1927.
In korea at the Japan-Korea amalgamation age, “National requisition order” was enforced in 1944. In a word, the “National requisition order” is not enforced at 17 years old she (1938-39). And, “National requisition order” and the comfort women are unrelated at all.
In Jilin in China, there was an amusement center with the licensed prostitution system, and the comfort place for the army was unnecessary.
And, there is no custom to observe Christmas in the Japanese army at that time. (In the Japanese army, as for the Christianity, the prohibition was not done. However, the Christians were often looked cold-heartedly in the army.)

#4. Report of the Special Rapporteur Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy, Economic and Social Council, United Nations 4 January 1996
“I thought I was drafted as a labour worker when, at the age of 17, the Japanese village leader’s wife ordered all unmarried Korean girls to go to work at a Japanese military factory. I worked there for three years, until the day that I was asked to follow a Japanese soldier into his tent. He told me to take my clothes off. I resisted because I was so scared, I was still a virgin.
Only “age of 17” and “military factory ” : the agreement with the last testimony.

#5. The article “The Japan-South Korea social studies education exchange group has visited South Korea, summer 1997” on the web site of  ‘Kyoto-Fukuten-Kusanone anti-nuclear movement for peace’.
A certain day I was 18 years old, a man came, and told us to offer young girls form the village.
Again, the import of the story changed.

#6. The meeting to hear the testimonies of former “comfort women” for the Japanese army on December 5, 1997, at Tsukushi-kaikan hall in Fukuoka city of Japan.
I was born in Buyeo in 1912. Family fortunes was declined after father got sick, I went out of the house at the age of 13, and I got the job with another house.
We were threatened by the group leader (Japanese) in the village, “You are able to earn money if you go to the military factory in Japan. One of families should go.” I became a vicarious victim of the daughter in the master’s house at the age of 20 in 1941, and I left Korea, the arriving place was a comfort place.
Again, the import of the story changed. The birth year changed, too.

#7. Remark on the TV show “Koko-ga hen-dayo, Nippon-jin” TBS television (Tokyo, Japan) on May 17, 2001.
“I was taken by the Japanese army 25 days before I graduated from the school at the age of 19, and went to the comfort place reluctantly!”
Again, the import of the story changed.

#8. “The meeting to hear the testimoniy of Ms.Hwan,Kum-Ju” in the Unversity of Tokyo on July 17, 2001.
I was taken to Manchuria, so-called “Girls providing”, and was made the sex-tool of the Emperor’s soldiers. It was a painful experience.
The import of the story changed again.
“Metal providing” was executed in Japan under the pacific war where the metal for the arms manufacturing was insufficient. Bronze statues of park, Bells at Buddhist temple and pans at home, etc. were raked up.
However, “Girls providing” doesn’t exist.

I say for attention, these are all the testimonies of one Ms.Hwan,Kum-Ju.

Her story changes every time she testifies.
Which part of her testimonies should we believe?

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