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April 20, 2007

Transition in testimonies of former comfort woman Ms. Kim, Hak-soon.

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Transition in testimonies of former comfort woman Ms. Kim, Hak-soon.

Ms. Kim, Hak-soon was a former comfort woman.
She presented herself most first as a “comfort woman victim” on August 14, 1991.
She accused Japanese Government for the apology and compensation on December 16, 1991.
She died on December 16, 1997.

It should not criticize to the deceased. However, I cannot disregard her remarks and behavior about the comfort women issue.
Her stories changed every time she testified.

#1. The first testimony at press conference on August 14, 1991 reported by “Hangyore newspaper” (Korea) dated August 15,’91.
She was sold to a key Sen Ban (brothel) of Pyongyang at 14 years old by her mother who was hard in life. Ms.Kim finished the brothel life of three years. Afterwards, The father-in-law of key Sen Ban took her to the brothel ahead of the force where the remainder of 300 Japanese army people in northern part of China .

#2.Content of petition submitted to Tokyo District Court on December 16, 1991
I was born in the Jilin reflecting in Chinese northeast (Manchuria) in 1923. I returned to Pyongyang because my father died soon after I was born.
My mother was a housekeeper etc. I left the elementary school before graduation in four years for poverty. I became Mr. Kim’s adopted daughter. I went to key Senschool from 14 years old for three years.
In 1939, I was persuaded by the foster father, “You can earn money”, was taken with Emiko senior by one, and went to China.
I separated from the foster father in a small village where it was passed over Beijing and was put in the comfort place. The sexual service was compelled to me for the soldier of the Japanese army.
There was the army surgeon’s medical examination.
I asked the Korean merchant who got acquainted and escaped in the autumn of the year. After having assumed rolling various places, we became married couples in Shanghai.
We lived while managing the pawnshop in a French settlement. Two children were born. We returned to South Korea next year of the end of the war.
The husband died in an accident in Korean War, and the child died of sickness, too. I assumed rolling in South Korea, and spent life that drank Liquors and cigarette.
I receive the public assistance from the government now because I do not have the relative.
The unhappiness of my life started from forcing the military forces comfort woman.
Japanese Government should admit it bad for me to have been done, and apologize.

#3. Report of Kyodo News Service dated December 16, 1997
Ms. Kim was born in old Manchuria (present Chinese northeast the provinces), and grew up in Pyongyang. She testified that she was compulsorily put on the track and taken to the front in a Chinese continent by the serviceman of Japan in the spring at the age of 17.
“The service to the officers was compelled on the day, and I was kicked when resisting.
Tens of soldiers came on the day. I thought that I could do nothing but die in case of being there. “, she talked so. She escaped during half a year, and returned home to Korea after Japan defeated.

She had said before, “Sold by parent (mother or foster father)”. And, she accused Japanese Government for the reason ” The unhappiness of my life started from forcing the comfort woman of the Japanese army “.
However, it changed into “I was taken to the Japanese army” before one is aware.

Her stories changed every time she testified.
Which part of her testimonies should we believe?


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