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April 14, 2007

Super-concise IANFU comfort woman problem explanation.

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The U.S. Air Force buys the fighters from the arms manufacturer. 
They do  “Participation” at all stages from the design to the delivery of the fighters .
When the foreigner of illegal employment being working at the factory of the arms manufacturer comes to light, can you say because there was “Participation of the army” as follows? “This event is the U.S. Air Force and Uncle Sam’s responsibility!” or “The U.S. Air Force brought the foreigners!”
If you want to do such a criticism, it is necessary to show grounds clarify that the content of “Participation” of the U.S. Air Force was improper.

The IANFU comfort woman problem is the same as this. (Prostitution is lawful in that age as well as the army’s buying arms.  I say to make sure. )

The testimonies into which the content changes at the testimony and the remark proven to be false and injustice of some servicemen that has been solved already are not grounds.

 The KONO statement is a product of a political compromise with the South Korea government.
It is an apology only in ‘morality’ meaning for the indirect involvement to former comfort women who insist, “Hard life as comfort woman” and individual war crimes of servicemen.

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