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April 3, 2007

Cherry blossoms are full-bloomed in Japan now.

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Cherry blossoms are full-bloomed in Japan now.
There are some kinds of cherry blossoms. A kind of “Somei-Yoshino” is the most popular.
It was said that this kind was born in Somei village of Edo(present Tokyo) in Edo period by the improvement of breed.
It turned out to have been invented by hybridizing “Ooshima-zakura” and “komatsuotome” as a result of the gene analysis.


By the way, the Korean occasionally says, “The origin of cherry blossoms (Somei-Yoshino)  in Japan is Korea”.
There are no academic grounds in this story at all. It was completely denied by the gene analysis.
The Korean often says, “To tell the truth, ——— of Japan is Korea origin”. It is a lie.
The Korean wants to say, “Uri-nara(Our country) is the origin” all good things of Japan.
It is the lie “Uriginal“.




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