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March 27, 2007

The small percentage of Japanese soldiers taken prisoner in the Pacific War.

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 It was few that the soldier of Japanese army became a captive in the Pacific War.
The Japanese thought becoming enemy’s captive in the war was shameful. I thought that this thought was the reason.
However, the reason was not only that. There are the following descriptions in the diary of famous Mr. Lindbergh “The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh”.

Monday, June 26
………  The talk drifted to prisoners of war and the small percentage of Japanese soldiers taken prisoner. “Oh, We could take more if we wanted to,” one of the officers replied. “But our boys don’t like to take prisoners.”
“We had a couple of thousand down at ———–, but only a hundred or two were turned in. They had an accident with the rest. It doesn’t encourage the rest to surrender when they hear of their buddies being marched out on the flying field and machine guns turned loose on them.”
“Or after a couple of them get shot with their hands up in the air,” another officer chimed in.
 “Well, take the ——–th. They found one of their men pretty badly mutilated. After that, you can bet they didn’t capture very many Japs.”

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