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March 26, 2007

News paper articles of Korea at Japanese empire age.

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Articles in a Korean newspaper The Dong-a Ilbo(East Asian daily report) at Japanese empire age are here.
Korean language was written by using both the Chinese character and Hangul in this Japanese empire age.
(Modern Korean is almost written only by Hangul. )

” Japanese empire deprived us of Korean language. ”
This is written in the national history textbook of South Korea, and the people believe it.
However, it is not true.

August 31, 1939
The malignant introduction trader is active behind the scenes.
Kidnapped young women in the farm village.
100 victim women or more.
The detective in Pusan(,Korea) rushed to Mukden(,Manchuria).

March 15, 1936
Satan who takes advantage of farmer’s food scarcity of spring.
The human trafficker is active behind the scenes in the farm village.
The bait of finding employment. Young women was allured.
One person has arrested in Usan.

December 4, 1938
Cheated young women of good families.
Tried to sell her to Manchuria.
The Pusan police station arrests the criminal.

A Korean introduction trader cheated two young Japanese women, saying, “I introduce work in Manchuria “. And, he tried to counterfeit the letter of attorney of the content “I sell off this woman to the licensed quarters”.

June 30, 1933
Takes girls on the road.
Sells over to a Chinese of the shameful job.
A man and the woman who had sold Ms.Kim were arrested.
The means of kidnapping turns out.

A Korean kidnaps a certain girl on the road and policeman arrested him. The man seems to have tried to kidnap the girl, and to sell to the Chinese of the prostitution racket.
He was a kidnapping hardened offender.

May 5, 1933 
Counterfeits the register.
Compels the shameful job.
Act of satanic licensed quarters trader
The police arrest the criminal.

A Korean whoremonger bought 16-year-old girl. However, because her age is insufficient, the licensed prostitution cannot do her as for him. He tried to take the business license by using the register of the imitation, and, then, it came to light.He made a lot of young girls do prostitution by such a method.


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